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FML? F You, Jerk

There is nothing I hate more in the world right now than the phrase FML (Fuck My Life if you are blissfully and fortunately unaware.) The next time you hear someone say it just punch them in the face. Seriously. It is like an impulse reaction, I hear the phrase and my fists clench in barely suppressed, seething rage. I am sure there is an eye twitch happening, too. It’s douchey, it’s pretentious, and it’s just plain stupid.

Saying FML instantly tells me that you are a worthless, whiny human being. Go die in a fire.

What kind of person says FML?  I imagine they are one or more of the following:

  • A fourteen-year old girl, possibly the only person who can get away with saying this
  • A tool who thinks using internet lingo is the new cool hip thing to do; the new hipster
  • A Twilight fan, probably the most common demographic to use this retarded phrase
  • A stupid douchebag

If you are male and you say this, you deserve a swift kick in the balls.

Finally, take a look at the people who say FML. I guarantee you they are not someone who is legitimately hard-pressed in life. The only people that say FML are whiny attention whores who just want others to pour sympathy onto them because they don’t have enough twitter followers or because their hair stylist dyed their hair light electric mauve instead of lustrous ballroom indigo, or whatever the fuck stupid colors they want. I just want to throw them all down a flight of stairs.

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