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Maybe if you listened, you’d get it right

December 3, 2009 2 comments

Nothing angers me more than people who screw something up simply because they couldn’t be bothered to listen to what somebody else has to say. If you don’t have the skills to perform a task, then that’s one thing, but to completely ignore your instructions because you’re either stupid, lazy, ignorant – or all three, in some kind of jackass trifecta – well, that’s a horse of a different colour.

Take Monday, for example. At a local coffee shop, I ordered two things, a coffee and a gingerbread cookie. I ordered them in that order, in a clear voice. Or at least I attempted to.

“I’ll have one large coffee and one ginger–”

And then off the coffee merchant ran, turning her back on me completely. And while I appreciate her urgency in getting me my morning coffee, I did not want this coffee returned to me with a milk, sugar and a shot of ginger flavour, which is apparently a new holiday special. Because Christmas or not, that’s friggin disgusting.

Furthermore, if I complain – and also ask where the hell my cookie is – don’t mumble and complain about how you didn’t hear me and now your life is that much worse because you have to make a second debit transaction to fix the error. JUST GIVE ME A NEW COFFEE AND A GOD DAMN COOKIE!!

And be pleasant while you do it. Or if not pleasant, at least don’t be a complete ass. I mean, you’re the genius who screwed up in the first place.